pjuractive - US Ambassador Team Bundle - Anti chafing, blisters, pjuractive

pjuractive - US Ambassador Team Bundle

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We're excited that you will be joining us on our adventure to grow pjuractive here in the USA. In this ambassador team bundle, you'll receive everything you need to keep your skin protected from the chafing, blistering, and irritants we deal with on an everyday basis!

Please use the ambassador discount code we sent you to redeem this bundle for free. If you did not receive a code, or have not applied for the team, please contact us.



1x 20ml 2skin Anti-chafing gel

1x 100ml 2skin Anti-chafing gel

10x 2skin 2ml single-use packets

1x 100ml Body After Shave Spray


Logo Accessories:

1x Drawstring cotton bag

1x X-Tube Sport Neck Scarf

1x pjuractive logo pen